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    Could anyone advise? I'm looking to buy one of these on behalf of my mum. Her main priority is "it must be simple to use"! If it was me I'd definitely be looking for DivX compatibility but guess that doesn't matter so much for my mum (as long as the hard drive will store a fair amount of stuff on it).

    While I'm on the subject, she wants to convert a couple of videos onto DVD. I've advised her not to bother getting a dual video/dvd recorder as it will be pretty obselete soon and not worth the extra money. Better to get an HDD recorder I reckon and have the videos converted by a shop - but does anyone know of a service (online or in the shops) to do this?

    Cheers for any advise... Steve

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    DVD recorder, 80gb hard drive and DivX playback for £199.99

    Scratch that…der

    £175.07 from (£172.07 if you use the link in the voucher section)

    Maybe not what you want to hear, but have you thought about buying a PVR (and a separate dvd recorder if needed). The simplicity of the PVR would make your Mum very happy, and if she needed to copy something onto a disc, she could use the dvd recorder. I say this coz we recently bought a dvd/hdd and ended up sending it back because the majority of things we wanted to record were on the freeview channels, and it was such a pain. The PVR on the other hand is a dream.

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    Thanks sheenamc2 & yes I have had exactly that thought! Been doing a bit of looking this afternoon and starting to think she may as well keep her existing DVD player and sell her current freeview box and get a freeview box with combined PVR. She did say she wanted a DVD writer but I'm sure once she starts using a hard disk one I'm sure she won't be bothered with wanting to record onto DVD. So now I'm wondering which one to get...

    I have a Humax 9200T PVR. Well recomended. Top drawer have a look here, **Humax 9200T PVR** should be able to get one for about £200

    (buy two and keep one yourself ;))

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    Many thanks for all the suggestions - steered me in the right direction I think. Considered the Humax but did a bit more research and found that the Inverto is recommended as a good stable unit with none of the complexities of the Humax/Topfield. Found a brilliant comparison chart for twin tuner PVRs that someone on the DigitalSpy forums has knocked up, in case anyone else is interested it's here:
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