dvd recorder with intergrated vcr player wanted

    ok, my dad will not give up on the idea of videos but wants to do away with having a dvd player and separate vcr player. i told him you can get a single machine that will record dvds and have a vcr player too, ( hope i was right! ) if so can anyone suggest a decent machine to use ie not to complicated preferably in black, that wont break his bank i would be much greatfull!, thanks in advance for any advice or links!


    Seen some in Poundstretcher less than £100 (before xmas) made by Funaui

    TJ Hughs was selling em
    other half also thinks the big ASDA stores sell em

    Online ones for sale include:


    This one includes a digital tuner

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    cheers, i just checked tj hughes site but the ones they have are dvd players with vcr, ideally after a dvd recorder with vcr, but i will keep on looking!

    The ones in the links are DVD recorders ;-)

    I saw one in Tesco when I went a couple of weeks ago. No idea on prices or brand but they definitely had one.

    Dont know if this one is any good for you. Bit pricey but it has 160gb hard drive.…8-1
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