DVD recorders and virgin media

i was looking at getting a DVD recorder but i was wondering if anyone knows if i would be able to record from the on demand part of virgin media?


I am non too technical, but I would say 'No', someone should come along with a definitive answer.

You definately cant from the payper view, but i dont know about the other stuff.

If it can be output over an analogue connection to a TV then yes its possible as macrovision can be overcome with a device in the middle. Even HDCP can be currently over come if you look hard enough and no I don't advocate it as I have no desire to do so

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thanks for your answers x

You want a DVD recorder ? ............dont buy one . I've got three here collecting dust . 2 Panasonics and a Philips. They are totally unreliable and will eventually give you problems ie ,write errors ,formatting problems etc .Buy a model with a hard drive AND a DVD recorder . Record all your stuff to HDD and the things you want to keep , transfer to disk. I bought a cheap Liteon 160Gig HDD/DVD recorder last year , absolutelly fantastic . Just press the record button and it's on the hard drive , I can watch it as many times as I like and transfer to the built in DVD recorder if I want to keep it.

I agree with ricko I have an LG hard drive recorder set up with my cable box I record regularly from cable to this. I can then save to disc or watch when it suits me. Not as handy as a Humax or sky+ but it saves paying money to virgin for their + system. remember not to buy one with freeview it will not work

Yes, yes, yes.

If you want a DVD recorder, please make sure you get one with hard disc drive (HDD). They make life so much easier, and once you've got one you will wonder how you ever did without it.

Amongst other things, you can record TV programmes or even your old VCR tapes on to the hard drive, then edit out the rubbish (adverts etc), before quickly copying the result onto a DVD for permanent storage.

I have the Panasonic DMR-EX77EB. Fantastic machine.

I should add that anyone wanting best advice should post technical questions on a specialist site, like [url]www.avforums.com[/url]

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yeah they sound like a reallly good idea just a little out of my price range at the moment
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