Dvd Recoreders???

    Hi all
    Am so confused, am trying to copy from my dvd camcorder to my pc as I cannot even play mini discs on dvd player, but it wont let me record to pc either!! (says windows cannot open this file, do I want to find where it was created etc...). Anyone any ideas? If I buy a dvd player(recorder one) will I be able to copy from camcorder to that?
    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ... Technology...Gets me every time!!!


    Did you not get any software with the camcorder ?

    If you get a DVD recorder then it is a simple case of plugging the camera into it and hitting record. Much easier, but not so good if you want to edit.

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    No got some leads and booklets its hitachi and i vaguely remember reading that additional 'stuff' was needed... I say stuff cos im completely baffled by technology!!!
    Now im trying to find these books but they have disappeared from box, probably used as colouring books by kids or something!!
    Can pick up a dvd recorder fairly cheapnow but dont want it if it does not help me record from camcorder.??

    ASDA have cheap DVD recorders in store at the minute for around £45

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    Thanks all,
    May just buy one then, dont really mind about editing... thats a whole new problem for me!!!
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