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    Bit confused, over on CD WOW they are selling complete Soprano series 1-5 for £17.99 each delivered, Region 2 & 4, will they play ok on my DVD player? The cheapest I can find around anywhere else is around £25. Is it too good to be true?!!


    REGION 1 -- USA, Canada
    REGION 2 -- Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Greenland
    REGION 3 -- S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Parts of South East Asia
    REGION 4 -- Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)
    REGION 5 -- Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa
    REGION 6 -- China
    REGION 7 -- Reserved for Unspecified Special Use
    REGION 8 -- Resevered for Cruise Ships, Airlines, etc...
    REGION 0 or REGION ALL -- Discs are uncoded and can be played Worldwide, however, PAL discs must be played in a PAL-compatible unit and NTSC discs must be played in an NTSC-compatible unit.

    [SIZE=3]Multi-Region Hacks for Domestic DVD Players[/SIZE]

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    I know I'm region 2, but normally its either/or as oppose to as well as, if that makes sense, never seen region 2&4 together,

    Not too good to be true, visually they appear to be the Australian versions (many Australian DVDs work on UK players). They're probably cheaper as they're in a plastic amaray case as oppose to cardboard.

    Don't forget to hunt down a £1 discount link/voucher and order each separately to save yourself a few quid.

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    many thanks for clearing that up! :thumbsup:
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