dvd rental trials any good offers and whats the catches

am looking for a few dvd trials and wondered whats out there at the moment and how long for and what the catches was?

do you have to put your card on file ?
how many dvds can you rent with in trial period
how many at one time?
cancellation period with in trial?
whats the catches?
can you get a free trial if your house address has previously been a member or had a tiral with them before but in your partners name eg my bfs ex ws member of love film subscription and hten moved out and took it with her and bfs got tesco dvd subscription.

So can i get a trial with any of those companies or a differnt company under that address which is the adress me and my bf stays at?


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any one


I use Tesco ]http//ww…com

When I joined last month there was a special offer on of a free Blu-ray disc just for having a trial. Don't know if it's still on or if it also applied to normal dvd's though.

Yes, you have to put your card on file.
You can select which package you want the free trial on, I chose unlimited with 1 disc at home at any one time.
You have to return your last disc before the trial date ends.
No catches as far as I could see (the free blu-ray arrived within the stated 30 days)
Yes, I've joined Tesco before and it still let me use the same address (not sure what card I used before though).
Hope this helps! :-)
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