DVD Rewriters

    Looking for a DVD rewriter to burn my digital camcorder movies on, have found these,…404
    are there any better out there.



    Yes, there are better ones, especially as NEC 3550 is fairly old model.
    You can get LG 4167 or Pioneer 110 or NEC 4550 for 32-33 quid delivered. Just take a look at pricerunner.
    You can also buy LG 4167 from PC World and collect it from their store, it'll cost you 31.99 here

    I definitely wouldn't go for Sony (these are just rebadged LiteOn's if I remember that correctly) or Philips (as I had bad previous experience with them). I had NEC 1300 before and now bought LG4167 - very good inexpensive drive. It can also handle DVD-RAM, useful when you have standalone DVD recorder such as Panasonic.


    Pioneer DVR-110 DVD/CD Writer for only £29.99 delivered from

    Have just bought myself an LG 4167B DVD Recorder from Amazon.

    There were various prices up to £70-80ish, but I picked mine up for £35.

    So far it has been very good and will copy/play almost anything including DVDRam.
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