dvd rewritter or can you get better?

    my dvd rewritter is broken and need a replacement
    should and what is a good rewritter for dvds to use in a pc
    is their a blue ray rewritter for pcs?
    is their blank blue ray discs?


    Yes to both questions. My new Dell XPS Studio arrived yesterday with a blu-ray r/w drive, lightscribe, etc. They are expensive though - generally > £100. The blank discs are expensive too, so I don't see myself burning a long while yet!

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    Thanks , do you know what size the blanks are?

    Blu Ray blanks are 24 gig and about 8 quid each.


    Thanks , do you know what size the blanks are?

    normally 25GB or 50GB.

    IMO the technology is still overpriced but within the next 6-12 months you will see the prices plummet as we did with DVD. I personally would pick up a DVD rewriter for now, you should easily get one new for around £20 and invest in blu ray later when the prices will fall dramatically. The blank 25GB disks seem to be around £4-5 each.

    If you go for a rewriter I have an HP which are a good make or Optiarc (Sony rebrand) are good value at around £17 on for a lightscribe DVD rewriter, Samsung are also good in fact most models. Would recommend a SATA dvd re-writer rather than IDE as they are faster.


    Blu Ray blanks are 24 gig and about 8 quid each.

    not according to google, they aren't :whistling:


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    I'd go for the £65 drive on hukd personally.

    have you a link for this ? :-)

    If anyone ordered from the first link above promatech one please see your card issuer to stop payment as this site is now considered suspect, sorry I did not know was only looking via google shopping.
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