DVD Ripping software.

hey i have decided to rip all of my dvd colection on to hard drive. i have approx 100-120 dvds and doing a quick search the better reviewed software is £20-£30 which i dont really wanna pay that. So was wondering if any knows of any good easy to use software that happens to be free.


DVD Shrink.

I use handbrake and have ripped them all to MKVs.



DVD Shrink.


and xvid4psp to convert ripped dvd folders to divx / mp4 if you're tight on HDD space

1Click DVD Copy and the dvd43 plugin is the only one that rips ALL my Dvds.

Others fail to rip through the protection on some disks.


DVDShrink only works on older films now, and only rips from dual layer to … DVDShrink only works on older films now, and only rips from dual layer to single layer, I presume the OP wants it to avi or similar. I use avi.net to do that.

I used DVDShrink to rip Crazies & Edge of Darkness last night both about as recent as it gets.

or cloneDVD 2 works very well.u'll need a crack/reg through
for sony discs,theres a prog called "ripit4me".thats handy to have,and free.

dvd shrink and clonedvd are what i use. clones slightly better imo.you can get round copy protection too with anydvd.

I use Slysoft AnyDVD and CloneDVD. AnyDVD removes the copy protection and CloneDVD rips it. Though I can do it all just from AnyDVD.

Dunno what the pricing is... I've never actually paid for it

Is this the same user that wanted to rip their DVD collection only to sell the disks on ?.
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