DVD-R/RW - Any with a bigger capacity than 4.7gb?

    Wanting to record from HDD Recorder on a DVD in HD, but the film is 1hour 48mins long and will probably not fit onto a normal size DVD

    Anyone any ideas what I can do? It wont let me convert from HD to normal.


    Dual layer?

    Yes there's dual layer, which I think is 8.5gb somthing like that anyways

    dvd shrink cut out menu and extras and diff languages

    youd need a dual layer burner to use dual layer discs

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    it'll be copying straight from the HDD Hard-drive/recorder

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    anyone got any bright ideas?

    someone says use a Dual Layer Drive / DVDs, but the film is not on the PC, its on the HD recorder?

    If the recorder doesn't support DL there isn't much you can do.
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