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    Wheres the cheapest place to buy a few of these disks from? Prefably sony ones.

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    From what I've seen they are only cheaper on the web if you buy in bulk to make the postage worthwhile....from what I've seen they're about a quid a disc in supermarkets.

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    any cheap websites then? Ive looked on but there not that cheap.

    I always buy discs from svp, becasue you knoe exactly what you are getting with the manufacturers id given. Most uk sites don't give this, its important because most brands use various manufacturers to produce their discs and the quality varies enormously.


    £1 for 4 at Poundshops.

    Mitsubuishi ones - i've used them very good quality!

    Tesco also often have bargains going!

    I buy Datawrite Titanium branded discs from
    Fantastic service and next day delivery. Price per unit will obviously vary though depending on your quantities - I buy by the 100 generally as they will then last me a few months.

    Great discs though, only had one write error out of 300+ discs.

    I use [url][/url] too

    may be worth asking people you know if thay want to split order with you as
    P&P is £5 for next day city link

    I normaly order for about 5 people then we split the postage

    Datawrite Titanium Full Face Printable 8X DVD-R (50 tub)

    8 speed Datawrite full-face printable product that utilises the same dye formulation as on the Datawrite Titanium, Europe's most successful disc to date.

    50 tub £7.24 = 15p each!!

    £7.24 inc VAT

    I think the help given is getting off the subject.

    Civic looking for DVDRW+ media....yes SVP is great for bulk purchase of DVDRs....but I doubt the £5 postage will be economic for his purchase...well not unless he wants to make a decent order including other items.

    Have a look at ] you may find cheaper P&P for small orders
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