DVD to iTunes/iPhone

    What is the best software, in terms of the quality of the videos, to transfer DVDs to iTunes (with the intention of putting them on my iPhone)?? I will give rep to helpful answers and suggestions, thanks!!


    I use a programme called Handbrake. Very easy to use to simply burn a film but also good for customising for different formats. They have an Ipod/Iphone function that sets up the software so all you have to do is burn.

    Is pretty good for 95% of movies but recently some companies have started putting 50 movie 'tracks' on the disc, all at different lengths so you don't know which is the true film. Disney also do this. There are ways to find the right track but it is the only niggle with the programme

    I use format factory when I can bothered to do any conversion, its free and has many more uses / conversion other than for iphones / ipods.

    I use handbrake aswel! worth using as its free and reliable

    Handbrake or Winsoft MP4 converter.

    AnyDvd then use Handbrake to convert to ihone format.

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    Thanks guys - I'll give Handbrake a try then - rep given to you all

    I use imToo excellent. Just say what you want and it does it:thumbsup:
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