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    I would like a DVD-R for my birthday, but I don't know much about them and having a hard time looking for one online...does anyone know where I can get one at a good price? Hoping to spend around £20, is that realistic?


    Hi I just bought a Sony 18x DVD burner from Micro Direct for £20 its pretty good.

    I personally recommend a Pioneer drive, yes £20 is realistic.…rue

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    I actually found this one on ebuyer:…586

    Looks great at £17, but then you add it to basket and with vat and postage it shoots up to £26, I hate sites that 'hide' their real prices

    Best price I can find is £25.25 delivered for that drive.…784

    Cant comment on the vendor as I have never used or heard of them before.

    Arrived yesterday when I ordered tuesday pioneer112D £23.18 delivered
    the latest pioneer and I would say the best

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    Wonderful, went for the one from beige, £22.10 delivered (using a 5% off code).

    Thanks for all the help guys!

    Lol, did you get one the same colour as your case?

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    Yeah lol, I showed the one posted to my boyfriend just before I was about to buy it and he had to point out 'you know that's a black one, right? and your case is not black' *blush*


    Wonderful, went for the one from beige, £22.10 delivered … Wonderful, went for the one from beige, £22.10 delivered (using a 5% off code).Thanks for all the help guys!

    where did you get the code for5%? I looked in voucher section never seen it before I purchased

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    It is listed on the main vouchers page...
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