DVD.CO.UK, any good?

    I am thinking of ordering something for them but I have never used them before.

    Are they any good? Reliable?



    My friend and I have both ordered from them a couple of times and i would recommend them. Quick delivery-no problems at all.

    Yes,ordered from them loads.Good company.:thumbsup:

    I've ordered a few things from them and have never had any problems, and they've always been fairly quick at getting things to me!


    Yes,ordered from them loads.Good company.:thumbsup:

    Another vote here,Great company in my experience.:thumbsup:


    Another vote here,Great company in my experience.:thumbsup:

    I rate them better than some of the 'bigger' online stores

    I have had no problems with them, and quidco always tracks no problem too

    just echoing the above but i've ordered loads from them and theyre great.

    yeah i agree, they are very good. I also recommend BlahDVD they are excellent, i bought a dvd from them about 6months ago, the wrong dvd was in the case, and they still replaced it even though it was so long ago, and they frequently give emails, with offers in them, as do!

    Agreed, used them several times, always been good.

    I've never had any trouble with them and would definitely order again if they were cheaper than anywhere else.

    Yep same as above from here quick, easy delivery and have and will def use again.

    Good company - Had no problems with them
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