Groups never used them, are they good?

    anyone used them they any good?

    any vouchers or anything for them?



    They are excellent.

    very good. quickly deliver unlike gamestation whom I am still waiting for an order from for the past 2 weeks, it is processing in the warehouse and they cant cancel, apparently.......hmmm

    Used them loads,very good company.:thumbsup:
    Never ever seen a voucher for them though. :-(

    Used them maybe 10 times - always fast and efficient. Never seen a voucher tho.

    I've used them for several deals from ths site. i had no problems and they were very quick.

    Always used them in the past for various forms of memory and games but recently have been beating their prices.

    Am also concerned about the bringing in of shipping charges. At first this was for memory only and made sense generally but recently I have seen it creeping into other products creating confusion and a little suspicion on my part. Guitar hero 3 was a prime example.

    Other than that they have been very good.

    Used them lots and always fast and good customer service. Don't forget Quidco for upto 4% cashback!

    What they said^^


    very good company, cheap aswell

    excellent company and very fast delivery

    Yep, very good company. Never had a problem with them.

    Yup used them in the past no probs... quidco too!

    Original Poster

    thanks peeps
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