Found 21st Dec 2007
Any cheap dual layer dvd deals?

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Cheap but good will be better!
I got 10 for 4 quid the other week from scan, and all 10 were coasters :-(

redmanc2004 Could you say which ones they were so others could avoid buying them?

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Usually get them from Arndale CD's , Bury New Road , Strangeways.
They want £18 for 10 Verbatim.
Been buying Aone's for £6 for £10, no coasters so far.

they were the aone's that dark hero had no problem with!!!

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How, and what were you burning?

I have heard lots of bad reviews about Aone discs

I use mirror DL dvd's so far not one coaster and only 1 half bad burn which I am pretty sure was the data rather than the media, teamed up with a sh-203, no need for verbatims! and these are like 1/3 of the price

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Thanks reidy, will price them up.


i just bought pidata from svp if you sign up and mention to them that you are a memeber of hotukdeals u get discount for them. i got 2 10 way plug extentions 2 x 50/25 pidata dvd dl disks via google checkout for 49 to the door

Infiniti DVD+R DL 8x 8.5GB Printable (25 Spindle)£16.44 and Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x 8.5GB (5 Pack Jewel Cases) £15.26 at…id=


£16.44 inc VAT + Shipping : £2.99

Total : £19.95
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