DVD+R writer playing up

    just as the title says... i've had this dvd writer for quite a while, its philips, its fairly rubbish lets be honest, but its been doing the job until recently.

    i have bought myself some DVD+R printable face, and every now and then my dvd writing will just fail. no real reason. the software isnt the problem, its hardly ever had any problems with DVD-R (its compatible with both btw).
    when the burning of the dvd+r fails, i just stick in a tesco value dvd-r and it works.

    does anyone know whats going on with my dvd writer? should i just chuck it away and buy a new one?

    for my DVD+R i use "Titanium full face white printable 8x"


    Best to try getting a different DVD+R disc off a friend. Maybe the laser just doesn't like the dye in that particular brand.

    Maybe it is just a question of new firmware?

    Are they DataWrite Titanium DVD+R? I have some of those and they seem to be a problem. The discs write okay, but never at 8x speed.

    I don't particularly like Philips DVDRW drives, so would suggest another one of the more reliable brands. Such as Pioneer, NEC, LiteOn, Samsung... Plus they're 16x speed at least these days and not too highly priced either.

    Original Poster

    yes they are. although it doesnt say that on the box. i got them off ebay

    [SIZE=2]Hi Tom[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Buying of e-bay isn't a good idea for media. There are a lot of counterfeit discs around pretending to be what they aren't. This means that their ATIP (media code) is read by your writer as one thing when in reality the dye is completely different. This leads to bad and failed burns. Always buy your media from a reliable source, such as ] . [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]If you are happy that the media is what it says it is, you can try updating the firmware. Philips burners are actually Benq and they tend to have more up to date firmmware than Philips. You should try updating to the latest Benq firmware. See ]http//cl…=92 for details and downloads.[/SIZE]

    as suggested before, first thing to try is updating the firmware. firmware upgrades are mainly for newly supported dvd media.
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