DVDRW Help

    I'm looking for an external DVD-RW for my ASUS 901 EEE PC

    I'd like to backup my xbox 360 games because my xbox occassionally scratches the discs and ruins my originals.

    To do this i need to be able to burn using a Verbatim DVD+R (RW) DL (dual layer) 8.5GB 8x Disc

    Any tech heads know whats the cheapest/best option for buying an external DVD-RW that could handle this?

    Will leave rep for any good ideas =)




    best place to get one (no idea on prices(

    [url][/url] do some but not a lot

    I have an ATMT media tank that is pretty reliable....
    I picked it up for £39.99 direct from ATMT, that was with a 320Gb hard drive too.
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