Wanting suggestions on good comedy and family DVDs



How to train your dragon was quite good imo.
Pay it forward is a good family film also.

http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/8555/ghhtyhyjrg.jpg best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Any more?

cool runnings and the goonies are popular family films

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Seen cool runnings haven't seen goonies-what's it about?

Mod & Ed

stardust and enchanted

Martyrs - Thats family fun!


Failing that Harry Potters or Toy Story films

Planes Trains and Automobiles - best film ever


best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the Hangover yesterday. It was funny in parts, though I never found myself laughing out loud. I don't understand all the praise it gets, it's like praising Family Guy for comedy writing.


Seen cool runnings haven't seen goonies-what's it about?

Can't believe you have never heard of the goonies!! good, fun family film about bunch of kids who find an old treasure map and go in search of the treasure, it's a classic like gremlins!

I absolutely love My Cousin Vinny.

wicked film totally agree


Planes Trains and Automobiles - best film ever

how about uncle buck,or see no evil hear no evil,

Grown Ups ( adam sandler ) was very good ...

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thanks guys!! will try and watch all of those
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