DVD's at Morrisons?? Disc in case??

    Never before purchased a DVD from Morrison, my son has been excited about watching despicable me all day and I open the box and it's empty!

    I paid at the self service till, although an assistant had to come over to take off my £1 parking voucher and never said anything, do you have to collect the dvd's from somewhere or have I just picked up a copy that someones nicked the DVD from?

    Will have to pop back in the morning ggrrr!


    You usually have to collect them from the service desk. Irritating though!

    asda normally send someone to get the dvd/game, but i think most these days come sealed. maybe give them a ring and see what they say.

    one where im from has a seperate desk by the dvds etc where you are supposed to pay as they keep all the disks there,
    the tesco i worked in the dvds are all in the cases but other stuff like games you need to go to customer services, so i would presume one of those 2 things would apply to you?

    Either way ring them up and explain and im sure they will give you another copy

    I work on checkouts at Morrisons, When someone brings a CD/DVD to the till you are meant to check if it is in there and if not get someone to get it. If you take it back to the store and go to Customer Services with your receipt they will get you the disc. Make sure you have the reciept though because depending on the store and what managers are in they might not let you have the disc without it.

    Next time you buy one have a look at the box and if it isn't sealed in plastic or with a security tag then it is usually an empty box.

    I know when i have got a dvd from morrisons i have had to pay for it at checkout and then go to cs with receipt and they then get the dvd , bit of a pain i know , but thats how it is here ,cashier should of advised you of this i think !

    Was it sealed?

    Original Poster

    Phew, just phoned them and they said it's ok to go an collect boys' movie night is back on, thanks for the responses!!

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