DVDS - How many am i allowed?

    I want to get rid of LOADS of my dvds but not on ebay as the fees are ridiculous!
    If i was to do it on here, is there a limit to how many in one thread?
    I want to get rid of about 100!!


    you are able to sell more than 2 as long as they are not the same.

    You can sell them all as far as i can tell.

    I think you can only sell 2 of the same one tho. If its above 2 you will be classed as a trade.

    Thats my understanding of the rules anyway. Im sure someone will point out that im wrong if i am :P

    No you can post as many as you want

    I need to get rid of a few dvds bought a couple of films i watched and dont particurlarly want in my collection yeh you heard me OMEGA MAN

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks, they are all different!


    Yeah you can sell as many as you like providing they're all genuine, and there's no more than 2 copies of any one disc.
    Selling them as individual items in one thread can get confusing, so you'll need to be on the ball!!

    Yea, like Juliet_Bravo said, if you list 100 items in one thread, you'll have to keep track of them... I'd post the full list again in post #2, and then you can edit that one to show which ones are sold, and any price amendments, etc (you can't edit the Original Post, only Add to it)
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