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Found 29th Jun 2010
Hi my OH wants some of the DVD boxed set of the Sci-fi series Andromeda. Does anyone know of any vouchers for the usual on line (or off ) for DVD's or Boxed Sets?

He wants series 1, 3, and 5.

I would, of course, leave feedback for any given.

Cheers JC xx
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A quick search and you can get the following -

Season 1
Zavvi and The Hut both have it for £10.85 (quidco will make it cheaper).
Tesco have it for £12.45 and there is a 15% code bringing it down to £10.58

Season 3
Again tesco at £12.47 minus the 15 % and you can get it for £10.60

Season 5
Again tesco at £10.47 minus the 15% and cost is £8.90, so all 3 for £30.08

The Tesco 15% code is FTSL15-1

Hope this helps.
Is there a delivery charge for Tesco?
Tesco Entertainment says Free Delivery when you go on to the page it's right at the top.
You're welcome
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