Dvi > Hdmi Cable Request


    Looking to hook my laptop up to my Samsung R88 looking for a good quality dvi > hdmi cable but at an affordable price.

    Don;t know anything about these cables so please any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.



    Try ]http//ww…uk/ they do a 2mtr one at £14.99

    Does you lappy have DVI output? Most dont so just want to check most use VGA.

    I managed to pick one up in Tescos for £9.99 - can't remember the name of it but it was 2 weeks ago and the wife saw it and got me it - Gold plated connecters, shielded etc.

    dx extreme do one for about £6


    i can do you one for £5 delivered (uk) gold contacts .brand new and sealed,have a few available

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    thanks all for the responses. I was just in a Asda george dedicated store and found a phillips hdmi > dvi for 9.97 and a Slx gold 2m hdmi dvi connection kit. for £15.00 (£27.00 at amazon) it has a 2m hdmi cable with 2 dvi connectors all gold plated and seems very good quality.

    I went for the connection kit as I can use it to connect the laptop and also have the option of just a nice gold plated shielded hdmi > hdmi cable in the future if required.

    Now I just need to check I have a dvi out on the laptop lol I didnt check just assumes i did. fingers crossed.

    Thanks again
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