DVI to HDTV Component Adaptor

    Anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK - lots of them on fleabay but all in US....
    I'm hoping to use it to connect my PS2 alongside PC to Dell E228WFP monitor. I know there are other ways of doing it but I dont have a TV card and prob wont bother getting one. Was hoping this would be simpler and cheaper. Not sure if it will work but will give it a go for a few quid. Any help appreciated...Thanks…jpg…jpg


    I've seen those adapters posting from the uk on fleabay. Don't think I can post a direct link, but, the sellers name is 'discountcablesuk'. I searched for "dvi rca adapter" on ebay and its about £6.

    If you're uncomfortable about buying from ebay I have found a similar item on amazon but for £10.99: ]http//ww…1-1

    You should be able to plug your ps2 into your monitor using either adapter and it should work as long as you have the correct cable (as in component cable) for your ps2. Also, it may depend on your monitor, but most should work.

    Try and stay away from tv cards as they usually have low resolutions ie. 320x240, whereas with the adapter you should get full 480p (if the game supports it).

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    Pics dont seem to be working in new look site so re-attached:

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    thanks for reply...saw that one but thought P&P was a bit high
    Prob end up going for ]this one (below) from Amazon themselves next time I order anything.
    Works out at about the same but looks like a newer version (also from Hama). No point paying £6 odd for cheapo non-gold plated one from eBay. Have managed to get a Monster component cable from there for £15 so should hopefully get a decent picture.
    Will post when I get the connector from Amazon, takes upto 3 weeks for it to arrive

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    Eventually got the adapter from Amazon...dusted down the old PS2...connected the monster component cable to the new adapter and went to stick the adapter to the monitor but it wouldn't fit :oops:

    The monitor has a DVI-D Dual Link female socket whilst the Hama adapter has a DVI-I Dual Link male plug so the four extra bits stop it fitting snugly...So does anyone know a way around this by means of another (preferably cheap) adapter or could I just bend back those bits or pull them out with a plier ?
    Any advice appreciated
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