DW Sports closing down?

Posted 18th Jun 2020Edited by:"johndooo"
Check to see if your local DW Sports store is closing down. Leicester & Northampton stores are closing down with 40% off everything.
I saw some really nice asics trainers £30 in Leicester (they didnt have my size but there were plenty size 10's 11's)

Unfortunately another business run by clueless numpties (or is it?)

Unfortunately it seems to be by design... run business into ground..dont pay debts, has many gains for certain people at the top (theyre all at it.. e.g look at monsoon/accessorize)

The government also... look at the pet projects, deals/contracts etc etc endless big money grab from public purse.
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The one in Newcastle retail park in Byker is closing too
They are closing stores only, like many, getting rid of them while they can. Nothing like Monsoon no prepack agreement at least as yet. Companies are having to make difficult choices, they have lost 3 months worth of sales and no management could have predicted that.
Boucher road , Belfast is closing too
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