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DWP (PIP) Payment - I don't understand

Posted 20th Feb 2019Edited by:"squiff"
I just checked my online banking and have found a payment for £16.60 from the DWP for PIP. I did apply for PIP and had a face-to-face assessment 5 weeks ago (please don't judge me without knowing my circumstances).

I'm confused for the following four reasons

1. At NO point have I given the DWP/Capita the details for this particular bank account
2. I haven't had a letter to say whether or not my application has been 'successful'
3. I don't know why they've paid this particular amount into my account
4. The code for the payment is CBSL - PIP DWP which comes up with nothing that I can find on Google.

If anyone has any idea what this payment is for or how they've got my bank details please enlighten me! Thank you.
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