D'ya think Nespresso will be doing a cashback again this Christmas?

    Was gonna buy the Krups XN2001 at Amazon for £99 but do you reckon they'll do a £30 cashback at Christmas (like last year)?

    Don't want to buy it now only to wait a month and see the cashback offer is back on.

    Thanks in advance.


    If you care about money you would not buy Nespresso. Thirty pounds is only a few of the pods you'll be trapped into buying. Pay a bit more and get a bean to cup machine, you'll save in the long run.

    Original Poster

    Cheers termite.. but after trying my brother's Nespresso machine while on holidays, I'm converted!

    Was looking into NexPod anyways... €20 for 80 capsules that I can fill with my own espresso.

    While I loved the taste of the Nespresso, the ease of use is what really suits me. I'm particularly lazy.. especially when rushing out to work in the morning.

    We tip beans into a hopper once a week, then push one button for espresso, cappuccino or whatever. That's what I call easy.
    Nexpod looks a right fag and dosen't really save enough to be worth it.
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