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    Anyone got any top tips for dyeing some chair covers?- In a bid to give my dining room a mini make-over, I have decidied to have a go at dyeing my chair covers rather than just buying new chairs. (Credit crunch eat your heart out!)

    Have never done anything like this before, but seems to be a brand of dye which means you can put it in the washing machine to try and give a more even coat.

    Will do one cover first, otherwise any top tips??? Going from a reddy / orange to black. Cheers in advance Niki


    Cant really give you any tips, but i know I've dyed stuff before ( long time ago so memory a bit hazy) and apparently you need salt to help the dye take. The dye packet should have the amount you need on it.

    it is called dylon, you also need about a ound of salt, cheap bag in any spermarket for about 50p, dead simple and doesnt leave any residue in machine. Dye will cost you about a fiver and asda and tesco both sell them , look near the pharmacy section in tesco i think. Good luck

    Get my kids to eat dinner on them for a few days, you will end up with all sorts of lovely coloured patches on them!

    I've done this successfully in the past, just remember that the stitching is probably not cotton, so won't dye - you may end up with orange cotton showing on your black cushion covers.

    Would it be easier to re-cover them? It might be better to buy the right colour material and a staple gun.

    I dyed all the covers on 2 chairs and 2 settees. Takes loads of packets of dye and you'll need a big washing machine. Can be tempting to bung loads in and hope it takes but it's far better to do them a bit at a time, following instructions on dye packet. I ended up dying some of mine twice because I'd tried to 'economise'! Worked very well though. You might find that going from orange to black you'll end up with brown though. Oh and Dylon is the name of the dye I used _ i bought it off the internet.

    Yes, I did it ages ago with Dylon in the washing machine - it seems obvious but make sure the covers are washable and don't overfill the washing machine! If you've got loads of covers it might be worth using the big machines in the launderette. Good luck

    I bought ome lovely egyptian cotton towels huge ones but they went a bit grubby looking they were white but went creamish so I bought a tescos in wash black dye, I now have some really lovely grey towels as I put all the towels in the wash and the one dye - I didnt want black and was hoping for the grey and it worked, its really good dye its liquid and you jut wash your things as normal but you do have to put the washing machine on again, empty to rinse all the dye out of the machine.

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    Would it be easier to re-cover them? It might be better to buy the right … Would it be easier to re-cover them? It might be better to buy the right colour material and a staple gun.

    Its the whole chair cover. The hendriski or something like that from Ikea. Someone who obviously doesn't know me very well suggested I made some myself. :w00t: Any way, thanks for advice everyone. I have just taken the plunge and bought some dye and its now in the washing machine. Of course, if this goes horrible wrong I will have to explain to EVERYONE when we have more than 4 people here, why the last chair is black. We have 6 chairs and at 3.99 for a pack of dye, this may not be such a penny pinching option in the long run.

    Of course the trouble is, whenever I mange to save some money, I usually find some deal on this website and end up spending it 3 times over:p. Thanks again everyone.

    Can't really advice as not done any home dying before,but my partner done in past with T Shirts and stuff,and when using the Dylon dyes in washing machine,be sure to do a run a cycle or 2 after your done,to ensure your next clothes wash doesn't get leftover dye on.

    you can also buy the dye in woolworths. you need a lb of salt also. you pour the dye into the washing machine drum (the drum needs to be dry) tthe pour the salt in, move the drum around a bit to make the dye and salt go through the little holes in the drum, put the stuff you want dying into the maching (they need to be wet, but not soaking wet), stick on the wash. when it's done, i always stick some washing powder in and give them a proper wash, then dry.

    i think for a packet of dye, it washed 1kg (i think?) of clothes to get the same colour as the packet. if you use 2kg of clothes to 1 pkt dye, it comes out lighter shade. warning - if you do jeans, the stiching will come out bright orange. but it's good for those towels that everybody has, the one's that look slighty grubby in the middle, even when you've washed them on a high wash!!!

    lots of advice on here...

    I was going to dye the covers on our Ikea sofa and I worked out it would take about £30 worth of dye so I didn't do it. When I was looking into it at the time I found Wilkinson's were the cheapest for Dylon dye.

    If you want them pink, put a red coat in with them. Worked on my boyfriend's jeans... oops.
    Didn't work out particularly well for the coat either as it was dry clean only.

    Actually reading the advice, perhaps I'll try and dye them back...

    Dylon is the stuff you need, but make sure you dont overload the washing machine when you do it

    Let us know how you get on oh and.....good luck!

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    Have now bought up the entire stock of black dye from various shops in the small town where I live. Did first last night and was very pleased with results apart from one thing... the stitching as someone predicted it still reddy orange!!!! However whilst I was debating whether to do the remaining 5 or to just leave it, I spotted the black felt tip marker out of the corner of my eye.

    Went over some of the stitching.... if it can stain my sons school t shirt permanently then theres a chance it will stay! Perhaps his school name marker would also work???

    It has now cost me 28 quid for 6 chairs. Not sure if this is a real bargain, although cheaper than 6 new chairs.

    Yes .... have just checked and the school name marker colours in better.

    Does this make me a tight ***** northerner or a genius????:idea:

    Would upload photo, but don't know how. Found insert picture, but don't know how to load from "my pictures" Help anyone???

    You need to upload the picture to image shack or photo bucket, then paste in the link that you are given, into the post reply box here, it should work, I think! There is a post by Duckmagic on how to add pics. will add link if I find it.…st/

    RIP material :-(

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    If you look on the right hand side of the chair you can see where I have coloured the stitching in.

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    If you look on the right hand side of the chair you can see where I have coloured the stitching in.[/QUOTE]

    Sorry still can't get the picture up!

    Well done, I hope you are happy with it.

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    Well done, I hope you are happy with it.

    Feeling V. pleased with myself! I have "coloured in" all the seams now with an extra thick black marker. Will see how they all look when they are all on tomorrow. Now want some new black and white prints to go on the wall.!

    They look great!

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    They look great!

    Bless you & thanks for loading the photos for me. Rep added. :-D
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