Found 30th Jan 2009
Does anyone have this one,the all floors DC24 model?

I don't know if its me or what,but it doesn't seem to pick up properly.

I have long hair and it just gets stuck around the roller all the time and doesn't seem to pick up properly,i don't know if its faulty,or thats the way its supposed to be.

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I did wonder because i didnt have this problem with my old Dyson,i've had it since October but i've been using my old decrepit Dyson as its annoying me so much.

IThere are 2 of us in our house with long hair and ive had this problem (of hair clogging the brushes) with every vaccuum cleaner ive had except one and that was a cylinder type.

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My old Dyson,my hair still got stuck around the roller,but with this one,you can actually see hair trailing on the floor when using

Its a PITA isnt it! I have a Dyson and just have to turn it upside down every week and have a go at it with the scissors!

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I will have to contact Dyson,i think there is something wrong with it!
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