DYSON DC19COMET vs SAMSUNG VCC9540H4K/XEU which vacuum cleaner

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Found 21st May 2009

my wife has allergy.
both are good but which one is better.
the price is very similar now and is hard decision.
I know that Dyson is one of the best, but Samsung is quiet like they say and more powerful. from other side is smaller tank than in Dyson. I have no idea how noisy is this Dyson.

before discount price I will buy Samsung but now I'm confused.

ps. sorry for my english, this is not my first language


Go for a Meile better than both of them and has allergy filters...Powerful as well about £179 most Independants do it and rate it very highly..Good Luck

dyson. tried all sorts of makes and always been happies with dyson

Dyson best

dyson they have a 5 year guarantee


After-sales service is sxcellent too. Once the warranty has lapsed Dyson do one-price, fixed-price repair via their website.

When the motor in our DC07 failed, taking withit a filter and carrier, we had £100/£120 of bits supplied and fitted, including a new clutch and cyclone, with a guarantee, all for £65 and all done within a week of ordering.


Dyson do not make the best vacuum cleaners, am sorry, got to be truthful.
The best vacuum cleaners are made by a company called Miele. [url]www.miele.co.uk[/url]

I have had all sorts of Dysons. And now the proud owner of a Miele. I've got the one with the electrobrush, and I would highly recommend thats the one you go for, not the base model. It sucks dust like no-ones business. There is an unbiased independent review on youtube buy a guy who I think speaks in german but has a English voiceover. He compares dyson, panasonic, etc and also Miele. Watch that please, its only 10 mins.

Miele do not use any cheap parts, its all high quality all the way.

I am very happy with my Miele and will never go back to the dyson or any other. If you are local you can come and have a free demo of mine. I live in Bradford, Yorkshre.

I would highly recommend you get laminate flooring atleast downstairs.
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