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Found 11th Jan 2010
Hi All,

Think its come to the time to replace our tired looking Dyson. We currently have an upright but want to change to one of the smaller stow-away models.
From doing some research I think the DC23 ANimal is our best option.

My challenge to you is to find the cheapest possible supplier of the DC23

Many thanks in advance
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first consider hat dyson will service your old dyson for a flat fee not sure what it is these days

This was posted over a year ago at £65, but I feel it should be repeated … This was posted over a year ago at £65, but I feel it should be repeated as it is such a good service.I have just had an engineer call round at a fixed price for the visit and for servicing and repairing my 6yr old Dyson DC07. For the fixed price of £63.62 he replaced the following parts:1 X Motor 240v (YDK) YV-22001 X DC07 BRUSHBAR ASSY1 X POST FILTER PAD1 X DC07 PRE-FILTER ASSY1 X CLUTCH ASSYI knew the motor had gone on the vacuum, and after searching the net realised that a new motor would cost at least £45 + postage and I would probably cock up installing it. So, when I contacted Dyson about this service I was very impressed. The engineer was great and took his time to make sure it was all working perfectly. It is now working like new, and much cheaper than a new one. The benefits are that you don't have to fill up landfill, save money on replacing the vacuum and you get another 12month warranty.All you have to do is phone the number below to arrange a visit:Dyson Ltd UK Helpline (7am - 10pm) 7 days a week: 0800 2980298 or for Eire call 01 475 7109


Vacuum Cleaner Service Tariff

For machines outside the Dyson guarantee period or that have been used outside the terms of the Dyson guarantee.

Fixed charge service of £69.00 (inc VAT), fully inclusive of spare parts and labour (excluding accessories), €90 in Ireland.
didn'tr realise how much they were! Cheapest i can find is
Thats for the allergy one, is it definately the animal you are wanting?
Animal's great if you have animals....we have a yellow lab with very long hairs and our old DC07 just couldn't get them up fully hence why we changed. The stupid attachment we used once but was pretty useless but I love this one and it does the job perfectly!
According to the Dyson forum list the cheapest is Currys - £229.99 for the Animal.

Unless you particularly want the Animal tool, I'd go for the Allergy though as the machines themselves are the same (apart from the colour) and it's almost £30 cheaper.
Thanks all for taking the time to search & post your findings
After calling into our local electrical supplier where I could compare the Animal v Allergy
I think I have changed my mind & will opt for the Allergy as its head has an option for Hard Floor, unlike the Animal where you have to swicth heads....

There is an allergy on Amazon for £203.99

Think I will hold out for a sale/discount/anything else that reduces the price

Thanks again

Have some rep baby!
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