Dyson DC34 - Long and hard extension hose?

Found 5th Dec 2015
Managed to finally buy one of these, but I wondered if it is possible to buy an entension piece that allows you to use the DC34 while standing up.

I have seen the extension hose, but thats a flexible pipe, not what i am looking for.
If you see the V6, that has a solid pipe, which is what I am looking for, but one that would fit the DC34. I'll share the relevant links below.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Here is the flexible hose that I don't want.

Here is an example of the telescopic hose that I would like.
You need electric connector where the attachments go in , does yours have those ? if not wont be possible

Heres a pic of my DC44 , you can see the electric connector at the bottom

Also the battery is less powerful in yours so might not turn the head

[image missing]

Edited by: "deanos" 5th Dec 2015
Here is what mine looks like... Doesn't look like there are any electric connectors


no m8 , you cant use the powered attachments
Cheers, mate, that's a shame.

Is there a non-electric equivalent that'll do the same job? I want to use the cleaner standing up
Don't think so they are all motorised I think
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