Dyson DC38 or Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach

just cannot make up my mind.

i live at my sisters and want to buy one of these for her. she thinks dyson is more expensive for what it offers, so dont know. but there is a big price difference 100 as opposed to 200. anyone there to help? thanks


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Neither, get a miele. My parents had a dyson and it kept breaking after a few years. Got a miele and it's been as reliable as ever!

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I have a Dyson which is used 2/3 times a day (lot's of dogs and children). The motor burnt out so I phoned them (5 year parts and labour guarantee) and they sent an engineer out a day and a half later. Motor replaced and a few other things which had wear and tear for no cost whatsoever! I have a DC41 Animal complete and although not my favourite hoover I can't fault Dyson's customer service. I also needed a replacement hose a couple of months back and they posted me one out again with no charge.

We have the Vax and its brilliant. Their customer service is very good too x

I got a very good deal on mine to start with so was nowhere near as expensive as you are probably thinking. My hoover gets a LOT of use and to know I don't have to think about buying one for the next few years is a good deal to me. It just depends what you are looking for. If you only use it once a week then there is probably no point.

Have a look here

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thanks all.
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