dyson deal or alternative vacuum cleaner?

    Just after a bit of advice. my hoover finally went bang today (literally- I was covered in dust ).

    is it worth forking out for a dyson (if so any deals or models you'd recommend?) or would you look at a cheaper model (again recommendations would be appreciated)

    I don't have pets, have a mixture of carpet and laminate flooring and have a couple of messy kids if that helps.



    I can highly recommend SEBO vacuum cleaners. Built to last and work so well.

    I have a dyson and it's fine it's got good suction but I believe the top Vax ones are just as good

    Love my dyson and although they are expensive, they come with a very comprehensive 5 year guarantee. Also I've always found their customer service team fantastic and the people who come out if you need parts, eg had replacement hoses when I caught one of mine going round our staircase. They also replaced the cable when I managed to put a hole in it that even I had no idea how I'd done it.

    I've got a Vax with a 6 year guarantee and I love mine (the higher specced Vaxes have two buttons, one for the motor, one for the brush bar, which enables you to pick up better on hard floors or carpet by turning them on/off). Go for one that has a suction slider on the brush bar (newer models have this, to enable you to vary the suction).

    I can recommend ibaisaic on Youtube, he tends to recommend Miele or Sebo (he prefers bagged cleaners as he reckons bagless are still too much of a faff to empty - particularly if you're OCD about dust). Bagless, he seems to like Shark's range.

    Strangely he doesn't have much respect for Dyson but has praised a few of their newer models. Henry he doesn't seem to think are that powerful or impressive at pick-up, he merely likes them rather than raves about them, and reckons professional cleaners like them for their robustness more than anything.

    (I like to do my research before purchasing 8)!)
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    Sebo, Meile or Henry. Nothing beats these 3. Ask professional cleaners

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone think I'll have a look round at those brands!

    Dyson are like Apple of the vacuum world, Very over priced.
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