Dyson Fixed Price Service= £63.62

    After seeing the above two days ago, I thought I would try it on my DC04 that was looking pretty sorry for itself.
    What a revelation: from the lady who answered the Helpline = 0800 2980298, to the super service engineer who called this morning to fettle my Dyson all I can say is that they were absolutely first class.
    The engineer replced nearly every part on my DC04 and it now works like a dream and it is even guaranteed for a year and this is a machine that is over 10 years old.
    I believed that professsionalism and customer satisfaction had disappeared for good but Dyson has restored my faith in British technology- more strength to your elbow because I think you are GREAT!!!!!


    Always nice to hear about good service

    ah thats great, wish we hadn't dumped ours last year :-(
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