Dyson Hover Dead

Found 16th May 2009
Hi There Today My Dyson Overheated And Died, The Bit On THe Side THat Comes Off Seems To Be Broke Every few hours it will work for a second and die now what should i do

is there anything better than a dyson ????????????

Your Help Would Be Much Appreciated
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A Henry, had mine for years and never any problems
You can buy spare parts for you dyson direct from dyson.com or ebay if you know which part has gone. I did this a few weeks ago and know it works great and cheaper then buying a new one.
miele vacuums are the dogs nuts we have had ours for 6 years with out any probs also take cloth bags rather than paper,very reliable and at the moment i think they come with 2 years at home repair i think they start at about £135.00 and then go up to about £300:thumbsup:
It could be the electrical lead that is broken inside and sometimes makes makes a connection then doesn't. Try replacing the the lead. This has happened to me.
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