Posted 4th Apr 2016
So the bulk of the standard hoover is starting to get annoying when cleaning the car. I made a post not too long ago wanting recommendations for a cordless handheld and have decided to bite the bullet and just buy a Dyson - expensive but if I want something with decent suction and somewhat good battery life it's the price to pay.

I've got some Nectar points I'm thinking of redeeming (£26 worth) and considering putting it towards a Dyson_Outlet refurbished DC35 (£134) or DC34 (£107).

I'm just wondering I've never ordered a refurbished from Dyson (or any vacuum for that matter from Dyson) and I noticed these only come with a 1yr warranty vs 2yrs on Retail products.

Anyone had any trouble with these after a year or within the year?

How is Dyson support etc?

Is it worth me just getting a retail model?
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