Dyson repairs or new cleaner

    Think our Dyson is giving up as its just set the smoke alarm off and sounds really funny!

    We bought this late 2005 so it was only covered by a two year guarantee but looking on their website it says that for £65 they will give it a service for £65 including parts and labour. Does this mean for example if the motor is screwed they will replace that for the £65 and anything else associated with it?

    ALso has anyone seen any good deals on new Dyson's if this will cost too much to fix?



    Dont dysons have a 5 yr guarentee, phone the helpline and they will fix it for free.

    I think under the sales of goods act, you might have a case towards them as well, as its no longer fit for purpose. It should at least last 5 years imo

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    I think the 5 year guarantee started in July 2006 and the booklet we got with it was 2 year guarantee only

    I'm going to ring them anyway and give it a go! Just after some knowledge before I do so!

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    Check this out … Check this out fella

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