Dyson service

Does anyone know where I can get my Dyson serviced? Although it has not lost suction is has started to be less powerful and is not as efficient - I have cleaned the filters but think maybe a service is in order - any ideas?



we took ours 2 weeks ago to a little general electrical repair shop. cost £35 and now sucks like a good 'un.

Apart from cleaning filters, hoses the brush bar and the dust collection chamber there ain't much you can do. I would have a go yourself if I were you. I wouldn't pay for a service on a hoover!

It's definitely worth checking through the suction system as mentioned above - I recently cleaned one out (DC04 I think?), it's been made very easy to access pretty much the entire path dirt takes from being picked up to ending up in the collection chamber.


Oh yeah, forgot to say...ill service it for you for £30...it undercuts kyalions bloke!

I go along with what others have said,check through all the hoses etc.....but also and it's something that people often overlook,it may be worth changing the drive belt,they do stretch over time and can make a difference to the efficiency.
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