Dyson vac from Argos

    I bought a Dyson dc-27 from Argos Bromley Mall on saturday 24th April 2010. The vac had no suction and we took iy back to the store and had it replaced on Thursday May 6th. Yes we went through all the checks with Dyson on telephone. The replacement vac seemed to have the same problem. It has less suction than the cheap hoover cyclone bought for 50 pounds. However, Dyson are unable to send their engineers on weekends. They do 1 in 4 saurdays so if you are a professional couple, the dyson 5 year guarantee means nothing. Today we took the vac back to Argos with the receipt exxactly 7 days after purchase, and the store manager at Bromley mall, refused to refund us even though we had the original receipt and replacement receipt. He asked us to get Dyson to sort this out. Dyson say they cannot refund us as we bought the product from Argos and not directly from them. However, Argos do not make it clear while advertising that if you buy a dyson product from them, your statutory rights are void. Even now they advertise the same product with no warning that you do not have your usual 30 day guarantee. This is absolutely disgraceful and I feel completely cheated. Do not buy any Dyson product from Argos - be warned.


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    Crikey. Try a different argos. I've never known that before.

    Eh? Surely your issue is with Argos? If it's not working I'm sure you can demand a refund? Ask ]Consumer rights tomorrow.

    08454 04 05 06


    Your rights

    If you have bought an electrical or gas appliance, it must be of satisfactory quality, fit for its purpose and as described.

    When an item doesn’t meet some or all of these conditions:
    If you have only used it a few times or haven’t had a reasonable opportunity to check them, you are probably entitled to a refund for a fault or poor description, or alternatively you may request a replacement.
    If the fault is only minor and can easily be put right, it is reasonable to accept a repair. This won’t stop you claiming a replacement or refund if the repair turns out to be unsatisfactory.
    If you have used it more than a few times or have had a reasonable opportunity to check them, you are probably still entitled to a repair or replacement. A repair should be carried out within a reasonable period of time and without causing you significant inconvenience. Any repair should restore goods to a satisfactory condition. If this does not happen, you are entitled to a replacement or compensation. This could be a sum of money or the cost of hiring a temporary replacement, or perhaps the loan of a replacement.
    If the goods cannot be replaced or repaired economically, you are entitled to a refund. The trader may make a reduction from the price you paid to allow for the use you have had from the goods.
    If the goods have damaged anything else or you are out of pocket in any other way, you may be entitled to compensation over and above the price of the original goods.
    [COLOR="Red"]The trader must sort out your problem, not the manufacturer

    Remember, if you are entitled to a refund, replacement, repair or compensation, it is the trader who must sort out your problem. The trader cannot tell you to go back to the manufacturer.[/COLOR]

    Looks perfectly clear to me.

    That's just not correct. Phone Consumer Direct, the consumer section of Trading Standards and they will put you right. Argos ARE liable, they are the retailer, and you have your contract with the retailer, not the manufacturer.

    Consumer Direct will tell you exactly where you stand legally, and you can go back to Argos and tell them.
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