Dyson Vacuum cleaners

    Whats the best deal out there for these?

    Just needing one for the new flat im in. Or if there is anything better than a dyson you can recommend for someone on a budget?


    Better than Dyson... NOT in my opinion (having owned a Dyson for 4+ years)

    Are you looking for upright or cylinder version ?

    Don't buy a dyson. I've had nothing but problems with them. The best vacuum cleaner is 'Henry'. A lot of the cleaning firms use them as they're reliable and last for years.

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    Nah, tried a henry, was a nightmare and same reason im not wanting a cylinder one either,.


    Pick up a Dyson from freecycle - doesn't matter if it doesn't work - then contact DYson and get it fixed under their fixed rate thingy. Sorry I don't have time to find the link right now, but it IS on here!

    ive had to have mine replaced luckily it was insured (argos) i actually find my old LG bagless hoover suction so much better that the dyson
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