Dyson vacuum cleaners - any deals

    I was wondering if there were any good deals for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I am not sure which model, as I do not think it really matters, but we do not need the animal models they do as we do not have any pets.

    My wife likes Dyson vacuum cleaners and I said I would ask on here, as it has been helpful before.

    I have had a look on Argos and they have a couple of models there at not too bad a price, but it might be that I can get one cheaper.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.


    A friend of ours has tried several Dysons and the last one she threw across the room in frustration, they've all been rubbish an have all been returned.

    I think bagless vacuum are inherently poor in performance compared to bagged ones due to their design, over the past 2 years we have had 6 bagless vacuums and all have developed a fault of some sort or another, the last one was broke the first time we used it, but usually they lose suction or kept cutting out after a few minutes.

    We now have a Henry (Bagged) and it's superb.

    Have you looked here?

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