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Long story short, I bought an item that didn't work. It took 14 days and 10 emails before they gave me a RMA number to return the item back to them for refund. Knowing they are a bad bunch, I sent it Royal Mail Special Delivery and records indicate they have received it. 25 days later, they still have not refunded me so I bought the issue up to Paypal Resolution to get my money back. Seller then posted a message saying they are 'happy to refund' but since 'PayPal currently has these funds on hold we may be unable to refund the item'. And the seller then chose to refuse refund me on paypal and say they'll pass the information to their accounting.

Are they BS me that they cannot refund me because Paypal is holding their funds? From what I read on Paypal, since the seller closed my case, I have 60 days between the date I paid to escalating the case and let Paypal decide. So I'm thinking if they are not BSing me, I will just wait until the 60th day before filing a dispute.

I spent a long time trying to understand how this works and would appreciate anyone with experience to pls let me know if I'm doing this correctly. Will rep helpful HUKDers.

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paypal will hold the funds for high priced items or new sellers......... this money is held for 21 days or until a positive feedback left by the buyer....

open the dispute NOW, not after 60 days, as you only have 45 days after buying the item to launch a dispute....

open dispute..escalate immediately

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Hi faevilangel, I waited 45 days before opening the dispute in which the seller said they are happy to refund but cannot do so because Paypal is holding the funds. So it seems they are BS'ing me because as you stated, Paypal only hold the money for 21 days?

Right now, I have about 10 days more until my last chance to escalate the claim (let paypal decide). I would like to wait this 10 days for them to refund me ONLY IF they are not lying right now. So really want to know if they are lying pants or not.

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Anytime BEFORE a claim is escalated to a claim a seller can refund, so … Anytime BEFORE a claim is escalated to a claim a seller can refund, so they are not telling the truth there.You should reall of escalated first and waited for PP to tell you to send. The seller can refund, they won't so tell them if they have not refunded within 24 hours you will be escalating to a full claim.You MUST escalate within 20 days of the original dispute being opened.How did the seller close your case without refunding you, it does not make sense, they did not ask you to agree close the case did they? If so a claim cannot be reopened.

Thanks, great help. Ya really should have opened a Paypal case instead of sending the item back to them first. I knew they are going to be trouble and hence my paying for the expensive Royal Mail Special Delivery service. I am worried now that Paypal might not be on my side even with proof that I returned the item back.

The seller did not close the case. They just posted saying they are happy to refund me but cannot do so since the funds are held right now. And then I see that the seller refused my request for a refund. The case is still open and I'm counting days before I can last escalate the claim. I am only worried Paypal going for their side so really would rather they refund me without escalating. Anyone with experience of sending item back to seller but they refuse to refund and then have Paypal decide the final outcome?

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So the seller was lying then, as I say they could refund you, they have … So the seller was lying then, as I say they could refund you, they have chose not to and fob you off. You should get a refund argue it with PP.FYI it it wise when sending an item back under these circumstances, to WAIT until you do a dispute and wait for PP to tell you to do so. They will then ask for a tracking number and follow the item from A-B. I have known people to loose claims and lost out due to sending the item back too early. PP look at the case and then if they feel a refund is in order, they will tell you to send back and provide tracking, so if the seller won't refund you, you will have to escalate and let PP do it. See what happens, no guarantees if you have jumped the gun and sent the item back already when he has refused a refund.So if pp rule in your favour you should be ok with a tracking number, if not, well not much you can do.You asked for help that's the basics of it. Shouldn't of bothered.

Thanks again...although I don't quite understand why you said 'shouldn't of bothered' at the end there. I'll give them 24 hours and then escalate the claim and let Paypal decide.

Just to clarify though, I sent the item back to them AFTER they gave me a RMA number and address. It took 10 days of persistent emailing but they did allow me to return in the end but too bad its 25 days since I returned the item and they still haven't refunded. In the future, I probably will just go straight paypal claim first as you said.


where did you send it? china or somewhere

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I sent it back to the address they provided me with RMA number in the UK. Tracking information shows they did sign for it. I guess I am worrying a bit to much but they are too sneaky...I am trying to think of all the possible lies they are going to make up. I am going to guess they will try and say they never sent me the RMA number and address and then say that its not them that signed for the item.

paypal will ask for tracking # when you escalate the claim..... give them the # and you should be refunded

as you can prove you have sent the item and its been recieved with a signature

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Thanks everyone for your comments/suggestions. I'll escalate the claim next day if they don't refund and leave it to paypal. Reps given.
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