Found 14th Apr 2009

can anyone recommend the best cheapest ebook reader currently available, i've recently moved to oz and books are really expensive!!

i can easily have items purchased in uk posted down

any help appreciated . .


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None of them are cheap!!!

Get a netbook, cheaper than an ebook reader and does a lot more!…=17

I've never used this, but it may help.

Just type in search engine, Free ebook reader- you may find something to suit you, good luck.


this might be some good to you and its a touchscreen.

found it on flebay item number 120406335204

I'm against them, love turning pages of a fresh new book



I'm against them, love turning pages of a fresh new book

tis all good n well but you can carry hundreds maybe even thousands of books on these, so they are extremely good for traveling despite the initial high outlay

need more support though really the sony 1 n that

although the amazon kindle has a good range its nearly 300 quids
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