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Found 7th Nov 2010
my stepdaughther has requested a mobile phone and an ebook reader for xmas... i need some help getting the best deal. ? any ideas? can some phones double up as both? im lost. so much out there.. help anyone


ok so im changin my plan... anyone know ov any pink ebooks out there that have wifi that arent tooo expensive.. my head is mashed from looking .

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iphone can double as an ebook reader-theres even a kindle app-pretty sure other phones can do it too

yup.. HTC HD2, HTC Desire /Desire HD and HTC HD7 mobile phones can all double up as e book readers too. They can also download a Kindle app to read the files.

These would be the best option if you really wanted to combine, given the size of the screens.

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thats wot i was thinking .......

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which is te best htc phone for ebookin and suitable for a teenager and pink?

Some cheap HTC Desire deals out there just now, and probably the best phone unless your step daughter is a geek and into her phones.

Pink though? Noooo

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r iphones the same?

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kindle is tooo pricey for me
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