Anyone know where in Aberdeen I could get an E-cig starter kit?

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    Just google "vaping aberdeen"...... all will be revealed.

    Asda do a starter kit for under £10 including a choice of vape.

    Asda do a kit for £6.00 - contains 2 different strengths (M - medium & H - high) and a USB adapter to recharge

    I'm a smoker and was suffering wheezing whilst using the M because I couldn't get "the kick" so was drawing hard on the M - I then changed to H and found it causing less issues except they don't feel like proper cigs/smoking - that said I would advise every smoker to give them a go - I will persevere as I think it's just habit etc

    I've purchased the same kit for my neighbour as a small gift - she only smokes about 5 cigs a day so I think she will cope better and the financial savings .... well!

    Yes I know there are other kits (probably better kits with better "enjoyment") and they will work out cheaper in the long term but it was the initial outlay that caused me to try the ECigs - I couldn't afford to waste money and £6 was less of a burden.

    updated with a link to kit

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