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Found 3rd Oct 2017
Hello peeps,
just wanted to ask if you vape who’s liquids do you buy and why?

Im looking around for deals and ever since our lovely government decided to stick their nose into the ecig industry and introduce loads of rules I’m struggling to find decent sized bottles of quality liquid at a fair price

In the past I’ve used vampire vape” fresh mist “ one pound liquid but none of these are offering much these days and I feel like a change.

Has anybody bought off eBay ? Appears to be the place for deals but I don’t fancy the idea of being poisoned off my vape hence this post for helpful ideas from others
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not cheap but Vampire Vape Heisenberg is my number 1 juice

rejuiced.eu are cheap and not bad, I like their cherries'n'berries and blue slush

had lots off eBay, the majority of which were fine, personally I avoid cake / sweet type flavours etc

b&m do packs of 3 10ml 70/30 juice which is actually decent enough, £3.99 per pack but I've only tried the pink lemonade
Vampire vape's heisenberg. basically all flavours from vv are top of the range. Doing all my mixes based on their concentrates.

Let me know what are your gear and preferences so I can send you a little sample
Try the electric tobacconist. Some great deals on there
I have been using chinese website for 6 years, i can still get 24mg nicotine, I get all my vape equipment from china, takes 4 weeks delivery. You can purchase in 100ml bottles
I like Flaming Dragon's Blue Crystal and after trying so many, this is by far my favorite, if you like heisenberg then you'll like Blue Crystal.
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