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Found 7th Mar 2009
Guys i need some help with e-mail! I am with Bt but also have a Tiscali email address and when i try to send an email using Bt i get the error message: 554-smtp.tiscali.co.uk
554 Sorry, your non-local IP address (00.000) is not allowed to send email via me. Any way round this?
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i have same trouble with vodaphone/virgin , the only way around it was to use a webmail service like wwwmail2web.com
tiscali will only allow tiscali ip address to use its outgoing mail server to stop spam

you can try and change the outgoing mail server to mail.btinternet.com and tick my server requires authentication then click the settings box - log on using and put your bt username and password in

dont know how strict bt's mail servers are

if it comes to it you will have to send from tiscalis webmail
bt do have an email authorising sytem but you need to register the tiscali account with them.
have been looking for details but seem to have lost them search the bt website for "other email accounts"
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