E-mail, SMS tax?

news.com.com/EU+…tml EU to tax e-mail, text messages?

European Union lawmakers are investigating a proposed tax on e-mails and mobile phone text messages as a way to fund the 25-member bloc in the future.

Is this world going mad?


Nope! It went mad years ago.

I agree, the world is now totally mad. What about the latest - shack up with yur missus, split up & lose half yer money! Crazy!!

It'll never happen.

Sorry Ducky I have to disagree. I think some kind of charge is coming for to ensure that money is being generated by the "freedom of information" that the net provides.

The proposals at the moment are being pushed as extremes by the media. But something is going to have to be done to increase the revenue for 'them' (insert the corporation and or government you like least here)

Net Neutrality

I do hope the end result is something more sensible than the current suggestions. :cry:

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