e mail vulnerability

Found 11th Nov 2008
Hi folks,

I am shocked to discover tht in the spam folder of my yahoo.mail, there were a dozen emails allegedly have been sent from myself to myself...i mean these emails hav the signature of the very same email address as mine.
i hope this makes sense. Has anyone experienced the same problem? does this mean my email password has been hacked? I am beginning to worry....

thanks in advance
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It's fairly common, don't worry about it
I used to send christmas cards to myself, I suppose this is the same thing for the digital age - try calling samaritans.

wow I never admitted that until now :lol:
soz bout caps lock lol
more likely someone has harvested your address and is faking it to send out spam no big worry as the true address it came from will be visible to those in the know.
Meantime download and scan with [url]www.malwarebytes.com[/url] freebie and check your AV software is up to date etc.
you can buy a programme that allows you to alter the "from" address - this makes it popular with Spammers to try to trick people into opening it, thinking it was from themselves. don't worry about it, just bin 'em if you didn't send them yourself
i've had the odd one before-but over the weekend i've too had loads-just delete them.

Just for interest-have yours had stupid headline titles about McCann and Obama etc-probably all from the same person !:oops:

Who reads Spam (apart from the stuff on here of course:oops:) I just … Who reads Spam (apart from the stuff on here of course:oops:) I just ignore it

same here, i don't think i've ever looked in my spam folder
They're simply forged mail headers.

1. Your email address has been used (don't worry - everyones is at one point or another) to appear to send out spam, i.e. they've forged the headers to make it appear it's originating from your email address to fool some (very stupid) spam filters. If it's currently being used and you're receiving loads, don't worry it'll stop after a while.

2. It's forged just so it'll get to you. Virtually all spam filters will just shove it straight in your spam folder.

You have nothing to worry about.
If it's showing your email address as the origin in the header then I would be concerned, but if it's just showing in the from field then don't worry about it as you can put anything you like there - a name, an email address, whatever. You can probably change yours to whatever you like in the yahoo mail settings.
thk q all....feel better now.
I have gotten a lot of these recently as have my parents!
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